dupontstudios team

Alex Yang comes from a background in web-based technology, data analytics, and strategy consulting. Prior to joining dupontstudios, Alex was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group where he advised Fortune 500 companies in the retail, financial, and pharmaceutical industries. He also worked at Google, where he was the lead analyst for $1B+ in revenue from the AdSense for Search product. Most recently, Alex founded his own startup, where he has taught 20,000 students to code online.

Alex is a graduate of Harvard University.

Zak Kidd comes from a background in finance, and technology startups. Zak is the founder of dupontstudios, where he has launched more than 7 companies focused on consumer facing technology solutions. He also is the co-founder of SwingSpace, a multi-city real estate platform for small office offerings. Prior to dupontstudios, Zak worked in private equity where he advised on consumer facing technology investments and led investment syndicates of up to 20ML per transaction at Invemed Investments and Vantis Capital.

Zak is a graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard University.

Joshua Andrews comes from a background of design, photography and writing. Joshua is the lead designer at dupontstudios where he has over saw the brand creation, and design of [SwingSpace](, [ThisAffects.Us](, [RentStatus]( and more.

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